I’ve ran for as long as I can remember. I remember being in elementary school and signing up to do cross-country. I remember my dad teaching me to breathe to a pattern of a song or something with a smooth rhythm. A mantra to keep my mind entertained and breathing smooth, which when I started running around age 9 or 10 was “I love my pony Rony.”

One casual Monday in February 2010, during my undergraduate degree in Alberta one of my friends said something to me that I am sure many runners have heard before, ‘I have an extra bib…It’s free, my friend is injured.’ And three days later it began. My first half marathon was the Hypothermic Half in Edmonton, BC. Three days before the race, when I agreed to run, I had never ran more than 10km. From there I ran it again the next year and decided half’s are great, and if you can run a 10km you can run a half..even in -30! After the second year of Hypothermic running at -30 with windchill, that was the end of Hypothermic running for me. I ran a full marathon in 2010, but my pattern prevailed and when I ran the full marathon I had never ran more than the distance of a half. I made it a fun run, and each kilometer after the half way mark I was entertained by the idea that I had never ran that far before! After 35kms it really is the simple things that will keep me entertained.. A few more fun half’s later, including one in Cambodia (slowest, hottest run of my life..thus far), I came to trail running. I found 5 Peaks in Alberta and continued with their races in BC, only completing the short courses ranging from 5-10kms, but these races showed me where running gets real for me, on the trail!

So 5 half’s later and counting, 1 full marathon, a dozen or so shorter trail races…now what? I have only ever had minor injuries, scrapes and bruises, lost one stubborn toe nail repeatedly, but nothing too serious and ultimately I think that’s what brought me here, to this blog, and to the challenge I put myself up to.

55 kilometers, 10,000 feet of elevation gain, 12 hour time cap, and some badass bragging rights. Also known as: TrailStoke, with 5 Peaks trail running series.

It’s just time to do something bigger and here is where you will probably start to understand my logic:

love running + love running trails + no injuries + no huge life obligations + competitive = ULTRA

And so this blog is my journey into the ultra world.

Side-note: I am still doing half marathons on the road and have quite a few ahead, mostly because if I pay then I will run at least 21.1km’s that day and I love the hilarious cheer signs people make for road races!