I finally decided to get over the great debate, to blog or not to blog! However, now I have some catching up to do. I signed up for my race 7 months in advance, hopefully giving me ample time to train.

My starting point consisted of having run casually, completing trail races over summer, one 1/2 marathon in fall, and a few other shorter races since. Mainly, I had been road running anywhere between 5 and 10kms, roughly 4 or 5 days per week. Once I signed up for the race I made it my goal to use January to reintroduce my body to running and building up time on the trails.

Two weeks in I had some weird knee pains, which I self-treated with a few days rest, rolling, ice baths in the ocean, and the final solution, a new pair of shoes! Like magic, the knee pain was gone and I was back at it. I often battle between toughing it out and playing it safe, knowing I have a lot of training to come and that I want my whole body on board. Either way, the new shoes did the trick and half the time I am pretty sure I run so that I get new shoes, win win.

I have hit the trails 2 – 3 times per week, trying to stick to days where I can get out during sunlight, though a few of the dark runs have been fun. Only once did I almost face plant and wow do I wish someone had a go-pro recording my recovery! I’m still unsure of how I came back from that one, but lesson learnt, I will lift my feet on trails even when I’m tired.

Throughout January my highlights and most influential moments include:

Downloading ViewRanger GPS (a free app) which stops me from getting lost, I highly recommend this to anyone with navigational challenges!

Hitting trails, and realizing that I can find my way back to my car. (direct result of highlight 1)

Realizing my trail shoes (Salomon SpeedCross 3’s) will never look new again, they finally look legit!

And, exploring new routes around massive old Douglas Firs! It really does not get better.