February has come and gone, and though the running could not have been better I have not been very good at posting! But, March 1st is here, so I’m off to a good start!

Here’s how February looked:

Week one: It was a pretty basic week and it was the final week of what I was considering my ‘prep’ time, where I was preparing for my actual training! The highlight of this week was definitely being dropped off at a construction site in Squamish and feeling as though I had run to Whistler and back before finding my way back to my sisters house. Of course that’s an exaggeration and in reality I ran 18km. I started off with a little trek up the construction site, and decided to play it safe I went back down the road, where I then tried heading up, up, and up again on a mountain biking trail. I again, realized that this was not a technical level I could manage for the route I had planned and went back to the road. I knew that there was a trail head at a park about 3km away so I rerouted and found the marked trail. From there it was a muddy trek with waist high puddles, FUN! I eventually reached the Alice Lake Campgrounds, seeing only two other people on the trail! Then I again, hit the road and crossed the highway and ran alongside the Sea to Sky highway back towards Squamish. I ventured past the trails along the river and then through some houses, again somewhat unsure of my route, but eventually found my way home.

I was well stocked for water, with 2L in my pack, had nuts, dates, dried fruit, and an apple along the way, but still couldn’t wait for the stew my sister had been cooking all day, I just had to make it back to the house to have some! It seems trails and roads are both difficult for me to navigate at times. I was a drowned rat by the time I got home, and very hungry, but overall a great day on the trails. I find a great sense of accomplishment in being lost and then found!

Week two: I started my training schedule.

This week included 70 kms of mixed road and trail.

The best route this week was a 31km out and back trail that connected three different parks! The best part was once we had found our way out, we knew exactly how to get back! Our snacks included jelly bellys (a serious hit), clif bars (regular and builder protein bars), and clif shot blocks, again with my 2L pack for water. We almost stuck to our plan for 19km on this run, but the trail was so great we just kept going and at 15km’s out decided to stop for lunch in the sun! In adding the additional kilometers we also added about 300m of elevation loss and of course, being an out and back, also a 300m gain to start with after our lunch.

Week three: This week I got to make a special trip back to the mainland to run the 27km Dirty Duo course with my cousin! We wanted to check out the bridge that was washed out, so 27 easily became 29km! It was such a beautiful run, even with its almost 1100m of elevation! We climbed and climbed and then had our lengthy, technical, and UNREAL descent. I ran 64km in total this week with most of it on the trail!

Week four: This week I ran 52km, a few less than I planned, but I feel comfortable knowing that in the past two weeks I have ran much more and this week one run was shortened but with some hill repeats thrown in. I varied my weekday runs between 8 and 11kms. I spent 15kms on the trail on Saturday, and 12kms on Sunday. This weekend the runs were great, I really cant get over our 12 degree weather and blue sky days!

Also, news this week…I haven’t had any meat! I usually eat a paleo-ish diet, but I had been straying from that and was finding it tough to not only stay on track, but feel like I was getting what I needed. I do better with structure, so I made a swap and went towards plant-based meals! It has been fun to test out and I have really enjoyed the recipes. I always struggle to find time to prepare and plan my food out, so I have also decreased time cooking by not including meat. My energy has remained the same, and I have received some excellent tips from my cousin (thank you!!), who has been a vegetarian for most of her life and is amazingly knowledgeable about having a diverse and holistic plant based diet. So I will see how it goes and I’ll keep you up to date! So far my favorite recipes have come from Thrive Forward (thriveforward.com) and KrisCarr (KrisCarr.com).

Now, off and into March!