Those are not three things you expect to find in March, but somehow this wild west coast has them all right now!

I’m feeling stuck as what to write about this week, because words can’t describe how great the trails were! If I had to describe this week in one word I would call it: Summer.

But no, its March..and this is a blog so I should probably write a little bit more!

This week I ran 74kms in total, above my projected 64km, but it was so nice I just couldn’t stop. It started off with a farm road run, those always hit a soft spot for me. Having grown up on a farm those long roads with open hay fields and aromas of freshly cut grass (again because people here are in fact cutting their lawns), they just bring me home to a happy place. Plus we added 2km to our route to have the beach with a view of mount baker as our turn around point, not bad for a Monday!

The rest of the weekdays flew by and included more familiar local trail routes and few navigation adventures.

By the weekend it was time to get out of the city, somehow by 4:00pm on Friday nothing sounds better than road tripping for trails! So off I went to Ucuelet with two girlfriends, a tent, and enough gear to be gone a month! We left during sunrise Saturday morning and had the tent up and were on the trail slightly after noon! We had a beautiful coastal run picked out, the Wild Pacific Trail, which we had been inquiring about by calling it the West Crest Trail…this wct does not exist, nor do locals realize you mean the Wild Pacific trail..but we found it eventually! And then we even found our way, minus my addition of 2km ..always with the 2’s (second in everything, every additional detour adds 2kms..), we took the road for a little longer than necessary but it made more of the trail a surprise on this out and back route! If you have not been my word and pictures do not do it justice, you simply must see it for yourself, this west coast is out of this world! Its much more likely out of Avatar!

Saturday night was finished off with glasses of wine, great burgers, and tucked in to our sleeping bags by 9:00pm!

Sunday we headed back towards Port Alberni, to run 21km on the Log Train Trail, or a name similar to that. It was a long and flat route, but we adventured up some logging routes and ran a ridge that gave us a view over the whole Beaufort mountain range..again with names, I’m not sure if those are the mountains we saw, but the sign said Beaufort sometimes you just have to go with the information you’re given. This route passed gorgeous farms with spotted cows, overlooked mountain ranges, and ended at a candy shop..sorry but does life get better?

Now I know what I will be dreaming of every day this week and when 4pm Friday comes, who knows where I’ll be heading!