In the last month (since I posted my last entry…woops) I have been learning what it is like to make time, and clearly I do not mean for blogging.

I have started to learn what it is like to commit to a second full time job, sometimes it even feels like a second job with a lot of overtime. The true secret though and what keeps me going is that I love what I do! Both from 8-4 and all the time I spend working my second job (which is completely voluntary and doesn’t give monetary gains). Words on a blog can not express how grateful I am to have a real job I love and a passion for trail running that gets me through my amazing real job, when it is being less amazing.

Over the last 30 days my distances have increased. I am running over an hour each day, with the exception of two rest days..which sometimes still include 30-45 minutes of running, simply because I want to, and on the weekends I am out for most of the day on the trails. It has become second nature to be running and has started to feel like a more natural gait than walking, and some days I would argue I am better at it too. Here’s a great story of just how obsessive and accustomed my body has become to running.. This morning I woke up at 4am, of course thinking that if I am awake this early, I might as well go for a run. But that wasn’t the strange part, it was that I woke up thirsty and instead of going to reach for my water bottle (which is near by every night), I began to search my pillows for my hydration pack and the water hose…because obviously it should be there. Don’t all pillows have a water hose? And though I moved all my pillows aside, searching for the water, I did not once stop to think this was strange. In the end I was still thirsty so I went and got a glass of water, but rather than being logical, I was irritated that I could not find my water in the pillows. It was not until 6:20am when my real alarm went off that I was able to laugh at what had happened. So yes, I think I am subconsciously now officially a trail runner.

In the last few weeks I have been on so many beautiful adventures and become much more confident adventuring on trails in the parks I am starting to feel at home in. However, it is also spring and I am carrying bear spray in my hand on most occasions. I realize and have been told many times that this is probably unnecessary, and then it happened. My coworker told me that there had been a cougar sited on two different occasions at a park I run at quite frequently. Great. I get it, they are out there, they probably want nothing to do with me, but holy wow does that freak me out. So, until further notice, this girl is packing the bear hand. I have also noticed that with longer runs you tend to get further from real places or areas that most people get to, so I think its reasonable to be a little more cautious.

All in all the training has been amazing. I am loving it more and more, especially with the parks having become so dense and green again. I know that the distances will continue to grow and I will spend more and more time on my feet and I can not wait to see where I get to and who I meet along the way! (Hopefully people, no cougars or bears please).

Coming up soon now is my big back to back weekend with a 5peaks race and Juan De Fuca trail! I can’t believe it is almost May!

4 months till TrailStoke!!!!!!