Spontaneous plans really excite me, and so for May long weekend at about 3:45, just before leaving work I booked a spot on the ferry and decided I was heading to Squamish for the weekend. Then I checked that my sister would host me, thankfully she’s really great with my spontaneity. We decided it would be a surprise for my parents, because they were planning to visit her that weekend anyways. That surprise worked out really well until my dad called me while I was on the ferry and asked where I was… “out” didn’t quite cut it and I couldn’t get any other words out so I ruined the surprise! Next time I’ll have my alibi planned out ahead of time.


Little did I know, more that I didn’t realize, 5 peaks was planning an orientation run at Alice Lake in Squamish Saturday morning! I found this out late Friday night and didn’t think I would make it out there at the same time as that group, but as it turned out I got there just as they were getting ready to head out. I could not have been happier to pull up to a parking lot full of laced up trail runners, ready to check out a great pre-marked course! The community at 5 peaks events is so fun and always full of such inspiring people, from people who have never trail ran before just seeing what it’s all about to people who have completed numerous ultra-marathons.

Attending the orientation run was spectacular and I can not wait for June 6 when I get to head back over and race it for real! After the orientation run I was also so fortunate that the race director, Solana, was heading back out to get her hours in for the day. So off we went on an adventure through the mountain biking trails of Squamish. We were both in a great place to head on an adventure and we found trails like the Icy Hole of Death…and then of course we did them. There are so many trails out there that I could never imagine going over on a bike! My feet barely stayed underneath me on parts of them..and that was going up! After having run the orientation of the enduro-course we managed to be out for another 2 1/2 hours on some great technical terrain. It just never ends out there!


Sunday brought another great trail run with my cousin, out at Burnaby mountain! I was such a spoiled runner, being shown around and not having to navigate is one of my favorite things! We ran something around 15kms and found salmon berries, broken bridges, and did some steep technical ascending and of course, epic technical descending. I am not on well built mountain bike trails very often on the island so this was a real treat!


All in all the weekend was out of this world and spent in the greatest of company!