Over the last few months I have had ups and downs, not just in the forms of hills on the trails but with some on going calf pain and a bit of a hip-hobble that led to me taking 2 weeks of reduced running. One of the two weeks was actually a rest week! I think I needed that week, just to find my balance again and realize how many more great things are going on in this city now that it is summer!

FB_IMG_1434420387928For one, there was an unreal outdoor yoga event to celebrate the yoga community here in Victoria. During rest week I got out to two yoga classes and found some spots I had definitely been neglecting! I also took time to go for a float at the Victoria Float house, for some much needed sensory deprivation. And finally, found what I have been missing with massage therapy. It was a total self-care week in every way.

Now, getting back to training and hitting the trails I am staying much more conscious of my body, and working on strength and mobility daily. I am so happy to be back at it and feeling confident about the training I have done and the time I have to keep working at some of the tougher stuff! Like climbing.

Since posting all my questions I have found many of the answers, thanks to some seriously knowledgeable folks in my life. I have drafted up my final training plan, looking ahead at August 29th!


Each week I am focusing on building up time on the trails, and keeping it at a low intensity..which is really really hard. I’m building up my climbing, by focusing on it once during the week and then trying to get at least half of what the race will have over my two weekend runs. With this, I am also getting to explore some really cool places.

I’m also pretty focused on keeping that running life balance thing..so some great runs are followed by the lovely, local treat Cold Comfort.