Today was a great adventure. There is still something about being on new trails in a new place that is so exciting and so rewarding. I hopped on the ferry from Victoria over to Salt Spring and was the very last car packed onto the ferry which saved me waiting an hour and a half, thank you everyone who parked really close to the car in front of them!

20150627_124405(the top view of the cliff)

I drove off to find the visitor center to grab a map and then I was off to the trail head. I was pleasantly surprised to find the trails were really well marked at each main junction, without the park being over developed. The trails were nice single track, with rock and log features, big climbs and naturally some steep descents…but it felt like mostly big climbs. I was able to to a partial loop and partial out and back to the summit at 600 meters.

(the bottom view of the cliff)20150627_131407

It was pretty great to see the cliff from all different views, even though seeing it from the bottom was tough, knowing that I was parked roughly mid way up. The views were stunning at the top was crowded with picnickers, however once off the main summit lookout I only saw one other person on the trail! Because of this I also found a great way to store and carry my bear spray in my waist strap of my pack! Super handy and confidence building as per usual.


After I drove around for quite a bit, but eventually found a nice beach to hang out in the shade and enjoy the view looking over to Mt. Baker. I again, was lucky to catch the ferry I aimed for and back over to the big island well before dinner.