Photo credit for the feature photo and amazing images at each 5Peaks race: Robert Shaer

Location: Squamish, BC ♦ Distance: 13km ♦ Elevation: 400m

5 Peaks races are where I started trail running. Because of this the 5 Peaks race series is one I love to attend and bring out as many people as are willing! This year I am also an ambassador for the 5 Peaks race series, which means anyone is welcome to use my discount code: JENNY to save $5 off race entry, for all of the BC races. This discount code also applies to the kids 3km races.

Over the past year some of the special guests and people I continue to get to see at races have included both of my parents, my sister, friends from near and far, and extended family both official and trail family.FB_IMG_1460858865325.jpg

Alice Lake was the first race of the year and took place in April. The course was redesigned this year to include a quick, technical sport course and a Squamish-surprise filled Enduro (longer) course. What exactly is a Squamish-surprise? Well, it is hard to describe all that you can see on the Squamish trails, but in this case the course included a Human sized dog house, multiple rubber chickens, a dog, and a wobbly wooden track. Here’s a taste of what you can except to find on course…


Being that this was the first race of the year there are still 5 more to come! BC has 6, just to keep you on your toes. Hope to see you out soon!

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