Location: Kelowna, BC ♦ Distance: 25km ♦ Elevation: 3690Feet, 1124Meters

After marking the course the race director Rene U. posted on Facebook that the first 3km were a bit of a “punch in the face.” With that I mentally prepared myself to push through the first 3km knowing it would get better from there.

3km in I had that sense of relief thinking it was all smooth and fast racing from here. Being naive can be a strength in racing! I should have known I had not climbed anything near the total elevation gain. The trail continued to flow along single track through the forest and up and over multiple scenic view points.

Once we passed the first aid station we headed along the far side of the lake and UP! I am pretty sure the climb on the opposite side of the lake was the steepest grade I have ever climbed. It was hand and feet on the trail at some points. Then it took me through a small cave..my life is complete!


Following on the climb that had me moving at snails pace came the wide, smooth switch backs down, down, down before one final climb with 5km to the finish. This was a hard-effort course for me where my competitive side certainly kicked in. I was in view of the 1st place female up until the steep climb opposite the lake and swapped back and forth between second and third up until the last 5km, knowing I had to kick it into high gear if I wanted to hold second. In the end, I did. I finished 2nd for females and 6th overall…that homemade apple pie was worth every bit of effort!


Although Arya couldn’t come with me during the race, she had an awesome time with her puppy-sitter (thank you again Robin!) and after we went on many adventures so she could see the same stunning views.

Thank you Pace Trail Race Series for sharing your local trails with us!