Location: North Vancouver ♦ Distance: 11.5km ♦ Elevation: 391m

Photos by Robert Shaer : https://www.flickr.com/photos/5peaksadventures/sets

Saturday marked race 4 of 6 in the 5 Peaks BC series. The two remaining include Whistler Blackcomb on August 27th and Buntzen Lake on October 1st. If you are debating registering for Buntzen do not hesitate, the race will sell out early and don’t forget to save $5 using my discount code: JENNY

It seems that the North shore mountains wanted to compete for the most dense fog ever seen in summer, and Cypress looked a lot like Mt. Seymour did last month. Thankfully it was quite a bit warmer and the rain kept to a light mist during most of the morning!

The day started off as usual with friendly smiles and hugs at racer check-in. I registered for the Enduro, but a sport option (8km) was also available. The swag at this race was the UltrAspire squishy-cup. This cup is awesome for throwing in your pack to reduce the number of wasted cups on race courses. 5 Peaks has gone cupless reducing waste from races to essentially 0!! So this is also an awesome item to bring to any of the future races, I think more races should take on this approach. Thank you UltrAspire for supporting this with a great light weight item.

The race started at the Cypress Nordic area and looped through various wide rocky roads and beautiful technical single track. The SPORT course was roughly 8km and the ENDURO was about 11km. The 8km course was mostly on rolling rocky wide trails with segments of single track. The 11km covered the same course with an additional 3km looping extremely technical (roots/wooden planks/rocks/mud) trail. This was a fun add on for the trail runners and an excellent opportunity for those who are new to trail running to check out a smaller portion of technical trail! The Sport course hit the aid station once about half way through and the enduro hit it twice, once before the technical loop and once after. In this distance I personally did not stop either time, but it is nice knowing the option is there.

The wider roads were composed of mostly loose rock and some mud, but for the most part could be covered with a steady smooth jog or power hike. The rolling kept the course challenging the whole way through, right up until the last kilometer where we descended down to the finish line where Buffy the Tiger is cheerfully awaiting your return. Or off stealing melons…I couldn’t resist from posting this photo:

buffy 5 peaks

At 5 Peaks the post race is always remarkable. You can cruise between the food station (with more than plenty options of fruit, candy, brownies, bagels and spread etc.) to the RunGo tent with Ice cream sandwiches or over to Kintec with chocolate milk! I definitely have to say a big thank you to all of those sponsors and volunteers at the food tent for essentially supplying the racers with lunch and snacks post race! Then the games start and countless prizes are given away. 5 Peaks has great support and sponsorship from many different companies I couldn’t even fully list. If you come out to the races often enough you will likely leave from one with a new pair of Altras, CEP compression gear, a Buff from Buff Canada, or other 5 peaks swag!

Typically the awards start before noon, however they were delayed due to technical difficulties that eventually were resolved. Post race is always fun at 5 Peaks and worth sticking around for, you’ll likely leave with something.

Overall this race was really well organized, the trail was marked exceptionally well and volunteers were well spread out on the trails. I thought it was a smart decision to have small (extremely small) waves from the start line to allow for safe and friendly passing on the single track trail that was only 20 meters from the start line. The racers on course were wonderful and from my experience were friendly and very considerate with passing and allowing people by.

Next up for 5 Peaks: August 27, Whistler Blackcomb