Every time it rains or snows I tell myself it is adding more water to the forest and maybe because of that there will be fewer forest fires this summer. Right? Just go with me on this one.

So I have some news!

Before my Run Ridge Run post I think I wrote about my goal race for this year, the Squamish 50/50. Well, what I don’t think I mentioned is that I chose the Squamish 50/50 after not getting into the Gorge 100km (lottery entry only). If I got in, then the Gorge would have been my goal race and I would have probably just done a few other ultras along the way.

Well, as the race gods would have it, I just got late entry into the Gorge 100km as of last night! In seeing that email I was instantly ecstatic, almost to the point of happy tears. So with that reaction I took it as a sign I obviously really wanted in to that race. And so it is, I am running my first 100km in the first week of April. It is actually kind of cool, on the same day last year I ran my 2nd ever Ultra, the Zion 50km!

The last month or so have been tough for getting really good training in. To say the least, we have had a fair bit more snow than usual on the west coast. But, hopefully this weekend it will be washed away. I plan to throw in a good number of back to back runs on the weekends to amp up my training, without going overboard and risking injury.

Lately, I have been maintaining a fairly strong cross training routine and adding more variety with activities like spin classes and cross country skiing. I have even been taking it to the treadmill, just to move at a decent pace when the roads and trails won’t allow for it (cue: ice ice baby). In some ways because of the variety I feel strong, but then I know I have some serious work to do when I think of running for 10+ hours (or like 10+5 hours haha!). But it will come, and I just know the views will be stunning to carry me through the Gorge waterfalls course.

My race season is looking full and I am sooo excited about it all!! I would like to say I am done adding races to it now, but I know myself pretty well so I can’t be too sure…

Here it is folks: 

Feb 25 – Run Ridge Run 25km – Coast Mountain Trail Series

March — I should add something here 🙂

April 8 – Gorge 100km – Rainshadow Running

April 15 – Alice Lake – 5 Peaks (maybe volunteering instead of running!)

May 6 – Golden Ears – 5 Peaks

June 3- Wild Horse 45km – Pace Trail Series

June 17 – Mt. Seymour – 5 Peaks

July 1 – Buckin’ Hell – Relay 27km leg – Coast Mountain Trail Series

July 15 – Cypress – 5 Peaks

August 12 – Emperor’s Challenge 20km

August 19-20 – Squamish 50/50 – SQ50

April 26 – 5 Peaks (volunteer–probably not running!)

September 30 – Buntzen – 5 Peaks