With the snow falling in the lower mainland in the first week of November I really thought this time I had escaped time. Isn’t it obviously December? Did I finally get that leap year birthday thing where even though it was over 365 days since my last birthday, I hadn’t really become a year older?


No, it just snowed before my birthday.

I truly can’t complain though. This year has been one for the books, on all accounts (facebook, instagram, gmail…haha maybe my dad jokes get better with age too?).

But seriously, this year has been fairly incredible and I felt it was worthy of a blog post for recaps.

Since this is my running blog I am going to start off with Race Recaps:

  1. February – Run Ridge Run – I placed 2nd for females and took 30 mins off my previous time, making racing it again in a few months a daunting task!!
  2. March – survived snowpocalypse for the win?
  3. April – Completed Gorge 100km in 13 hours and 9 mins, granting me a 9th place finish for females and a chance to enter the Western States Lottery for 2018!
  4. May – Executed my long thought out goal of running an 8 week Youth trail running clinic (thank you Abbotsford trail running for your support with this!), Raced with 5 peaks at Golden Ears (3rd place female)
  5. June – WildHorse 45km – finished 10th for women in the inaugural event! 5 peaks at Golden Ears again due to snow (2nd place female)
  6. July – Buckin Hell Relay – 1st place female team!
    5 Peaks Cypress (paced the kids 1 and 3km – holy smokes speedsters!!!)
  7. August – Squamish 50/50 – finished 130km over two days, & 5th place female
  8. September – Rest and relaxation, and I actually think thats it
  9. October – 5 Peaks Buntzen Lake to cap off the 5 peaks season (2nd place female)
  10. November – Starting my next idea with Abbotsford trail running – We Run Wednesday, to bring together groups for training nights during the dark winter months (come out!)

I really have had a wonderful race year and before getting too excited to announce upcoming goals I love having time to reflect on what this past year looked like.

2017 RS 5 Peaks BC Golden Ears SM-1382-XL

Thank you to all the race directors, volunteers, crew, teammates, crew mates, etc for all that you do to make that list above possible!


Ok, done – GUESS WHAT IS NEXT! The year is not finalized yet, but after our ridiculously fun training runs and our success at Buckin’ Hell, Katrina and I have decided to do TransSelkirks, the 5 day stage race covering 100miles this August, 2018! Prior to that I have also put my name in for Western States, but I know it will take years so if I get in by chance be prepared for a blog post of me freaking out.

Adventures this year have not been limited and without a full second blog I can’t imaging writing about them all, but just incase you’re curious about what I am up to when I’m not running (and sometimes when I am) I decided to do a rambling list of all things great that have happened in the past 12months:

Summiting Mt. Frosty/Ford Mtn, Needle (all running adventures), overnight camping on summer solstice, exploring off roading on the historic Whipsaw trail, Scuba diving certification, Wine touring by bike, having birds land on my head at joffre lake, watching my dog howl to Justin Beiber (ok maybe less of an adventure but still a highlight), playing tourist at capilano suspension bridge, running on backcountry ski trails, taking a sea plane with Harbour Air to victoria, getting a unicorn onsie, completing my first dark run adventure (one and only), second annual thanksgiving Wells Gray campout, camping on top of a truck every weekend for months, making pancakes a lot, lone goat peak in manning park, rock climbing indoors again, eating pizza a lot of great places, running in Portland eating all the donuts and trying all the beer, learning to jet ski — – and so many more.

Cheers to another year ahead, can’t wait to share it with such amazing people

And to my first annual 29th birthday, see ya again next year. scottrobarts_CMTS_buckinHell17-267-XL